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How To Become An FBI Agent

If you plan on becoming an FBI agent, it’s important to know about the process. This includes obtaining an education in the right areas, having certain skills and personality characteristics, and going through the application process. Because you are working for the government, there are a number of different in that you have to go… Read the Rest


What Is Computer Forensics?

 If you watch a lot of crime related television, you have likely heard the term computer forensics. If you want to know more about this field of criminal justice, you will want to know what a person does, who they work for, how much they make, what their job responsibilities are, and ultimately how to… Read the Rest


How Much Do Computer Forensics Analysts Make?

It’s important to understand how much computer forensic analysts make. The salary that is earned can vary dramatically depending upon where in the country one works, how much experience they have, the level of education they have, and various other factors. It is also important to compare the salary of a computer forensics analyst to… Read the Rest


How To Become A Computer Forensics Specialist

Becoming a computer forensics specialist is not something that happens overnight. If you want to know how to become a computer forensics specialist, it pays to know about the necessary skills and personality characteristics of a successful specialist as well as understanding the education requirements. Once these items are met, there are various other things… Read the Rest

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Kick Start Your Career in Legal Studies

Students who have spent years earning a degree in legal studies are eager to get their careers started. While most people who earn this degree have their sights set on becoming a lawyer, there are many other career paths students can pursue with this degree. Having a good knowledge of legal disputes, research and writing… Read the Rest


What Types of Criminal Justice Degrees are Available

Criminal justice is a field that has held people’s interest for many years. When people think of a career that offers good pay and benefits along with a good dose of intrigue, criminal justice is the first that comes to mind. Whether working as a police officer patrolling a beat or working in a crime… Read the Rest


Criminal Justice Career Spotlights


How to Become a Police Officer

Deciding to become a police officer is a noble career choice. They often place themselves in harm's way to keep the peace and protect the public. People have different reasons for wanting to become a police officer, and regardless of the reason, aspirants should know exactly what it takes to become one.


Essentials to Become a Forensic Investigator

Crime solving in contemporary times involves hard-working, dedicated forensic investigators who work as a team with other law enforcement personnel. Forensic investigators gather evidence from crime scene and/or analyze it in forensic laboratories.


How Much Do Police Officers Make

The average salary for a police officer in the United States is $50,570 per year, according to Human Relations data collected from thousands of HR departments nationwide as of March 2013.


How to Start a Career in Criminal Justice

How one begins a career in criminal justice will depend on a number of factors including educational background, financial resources and the area of criminal justice in which one wants to specialize.